Staggering Saints


Rom 4:20 He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;


Staggering saints! And what kind of people are they? Drunk on liquor? Dizzy from the heat? No, the staggering saint is another kind of person altogether.


The Staggering Saint Is Weak in Faith

  1. He is a member of the Christian community, attends church regularly, and contributes liberally.
  2. He has many marks of the good Christian
  3. He encourages and helps his fellow Christian


  1. But he is weak in faith, hearing the Word but not believing it.
  2. The message of God’s mighty act of salvation is to good to be true.
  3. The staggering saint has no real sense of God’s participating in the struggle of life with him. He believes that man must “go it on his own steam.”


Abraham, the father of the faith, did not stagger.

  1. The Apostle Paul reminds us that Abraham had faith in God’s mighty acts in his own life.
  2. He lived to be an old man

His wife gave birth to a son after she reached the menopause.

  1. Abraham was justified not by his own righteousness, but because he had faith in God. Paul makes this quite clear in this entire chapter.


God’s word to us is, “Stagger No More.”

  1. Let us have a New Testament faith in our hearts.
  2. Jesus the Christ came to redeem men from their sins.
  3. He gave Himself ultimately for the salvation of mankind.
  4. He lives today within the community of the faithful.


  1. Seeing God’s good works, let us give him the Glory.
  2. The victory is not our victory, it is God’s victory.
  3. Any worth we have is not because of our own efforts, but because of God’s grace.
  4. Our hearts should be filled with thanksgiving and love.


The promises of God are amazing and wonderful, Let us not stagger, but rather let us be strong in faith, and give God the glory.