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This lesson on doctrine, which is a fancy word for teaching, is an effort to show the born-again Christian what God has to say in the Bible.  And that through the Bible studies on doctrine a Christian can learn how and what to say to one asking a question concerning God’s doctrine in the Bible.

This introductory type lesson on doctrine was taught in a Sunday night Bible study, under the direction of Pastor Wayne Hudson, prior to the preaching hour.  Pastor Hudson was the Pastor of Bayou Drive Baptist Church in Alvin, Texas for about 20 years. He is now an Evangelist.

This booklet has very little originality in it.  Many men of God have contributed to this lesson.  And to try and name them would be impossible. I will thank God for giving me the desire to teach and to put this lesson in a booklet form.  If there are any mistakes in wording, teaching, and or scripture reference, I am to be held responsible.

Herein are ten (10) lessons on various doctrines of the Bible.  I pray that this lesson on doctrine will put a fire, a song, and a desire in our hearts.

Luke 24:32 (KJV) “And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”

All Scripture references are from the KJV, 1611 Authorized Version.  This is not an exhaustive study but an elementary introduction to the doctrines addressed herein.  The very first page after the contents page, (page ii) titled “Salvation From Our Sins” is an outline that provides the reader with scripture for reviewing their relationship with Jesus Christ.

This page is more important than the lesson itself, for if the reader’s relationship is one without Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, then upon death, Hell is their eternal destination.  Before anyone goes beyond this page, please review and conclude in your heart what your personal relationship is with Jesus Christ, The Son of God and God the Son.


Because of Jesus Christ

Bro. Ron Papa

John 3:36









Is Doctrine Important-4

Introduction to Doctrine-5-7


Doctrine of the Bible (Bibliology)-8

Doctrine of God (Theology)-9-10

Doctrine of Jesus Christ (Christology)-11

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)-14

Doctrine of Man (Anthropology)-15

Doctrine of Sin (Hamartialogy)-17

Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)-18

Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology)-20

Doctrine of Angels (Angelology)-21

Doctrine of Last Things (Eschatology)-22-23