Letter to children




Hi Gang,

Is your home life what you would like for it to be or do you feel mistreated, ignored, or not wanted, I hope not. However, it isn’t uncommon for children to feel these things.  You see, you expect your parents sometimes to be things they aren’t.  Being a parent is a learning experience and by the time they really learn, the children are grown.  There are some positive things you can do in your home and family to make it better.

You must learn that God’s intends for you to submit to His appointed authority.  God has placed you under the authority of your parents, so if you are to please God, you must please your parents.  It really doesn’t matter whether they are nice, mean or indifferent.  They are under God’s authority and He is responsible for correcting them.  You are under their authority and God wants you to be submissive to them.

More than anything else, your attitude is what will make the difference.  You can obey your parents without being submissive to them. You can be like the little boy who was told to be quiet and sit down.  He sat down and hushed.  But, silently to himself, he said, I may be sitting down on the outside, but I am standing up on the inside.  Sound familiar, sometimes you can outwardly submit but inwardly rebel.  You need to realize that when you are obeying your parents, your are obeying God.

Another thing is getting along with other children in the home.  You may think, I’ll be glad to grow up and get away from this.  You will have to live around other people all your life.  It is a great opportunity in the family to learn to live peacefully with your family.  People talk about personality clashes, a personality clash is the rough spots of one person’s character rubbing against the rough spots of another’s character.  You can learn a lot about yourself from what you dislike about another family member.

Again, I want to encourage you to treat your parents with respect and love.  Let me suggest a few things to do that will improve relations if you are having trouble in your home.

  1. List all the things you can do to make them happier.
  2. List creative ways of accomplishing these goals.
  3. Keep a record of how many you get done before they ask.
  4. Keep a record of the increase in freedom given you by your parents.
  5. Thank your parents for everything they do for you.

You will not only be blessed by God and have a great deal more power with Him, you will find circumstances change in a hurry within your home.

I hope and pray that you will understand these principles of authority in your home.  Learn to cooperate with God at home and allow Him to prepare you for a future of happiness and a well balanced and adjusted life.