Godly man & his Friends–C

Godly Man and His Friends, part “C)

The book of Proverbs identifies many different kinds of people, three of which are found in Proverbs 1:20-23:

1)Simple (Naïve): Flirting with and drifting into temptation, aimless, without purpose or experience. Doesn’t know that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know!
2)Scorner(Scoffer): Shuns correction of others, bad attitude and influence, closed mind, mocker of the Godly. Knows that he knows what he doesn’t know!
3)Fool (Lazy, obstinate): Wants wisdom handed to him in a bucket with handles on it rather than having to seek the direction of the Lord for it. His mind is closed to the things of God as he thinks he knows it all. High-mindedness. Doesn’t know that he doesn’t know what he knows.

Contrast these three with the Wise: The wise man readily listens with intent to the Godly counsel and advice from trusted friends. Is quick to accept discipline as he seeks out others to learn from. Has humility towards others and esteems others better than himself, and he has a reverence for the things of God. Knows that he knows what he knows and why he knows it.

Which kind of man do you want to be? To be the latter, amongst other things, we must be open to the council (and even correction) of Godly men that we trust enough to surround ourselves with.

Scriptural Anchor Point 1a & 1b:
Prov 27:6a Faithful are the wounds of a friend
Prov 27:9 Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.

How wise we become and how greatly we may be used by God, depends, in part, on how open we are to the counsel of others. If we are transparently honest with ourselves, whatever growth in grace we may have achieved, we had some help along the way. And even though as men we like to think that we are a bit self sufficient (as it relates to dealing with others), the truth is, to grow further in grace we are going to need God to intersect our path more with Godly counsel from more Godly men and for Him to open our heart more to apply His truths.

In short, I believe to help us reach our full potential, we each should be actively participants in mentoring. We each should view ourselves as an apprentice if you will. Relay story of my Journeyman Laborer. Unfortunately there is no shortcut to wisdom and growing in grace. If such came in a bottle we’d all have one in our cupboards!

Many different and famous examples we have for us in scripture for mentoring. What are a few you can think of off the top of your head? (Jethro and Moses, Peter and John Mark, Paul and Timothy, Moses and Joshua, etc.)

Probably no examples of apprenticeship or mentoring is better typified than in the Paul-Barnabas-Timothy relationships. Although not explicit, Barnabas was a mentor of sorts to Paul after his (Paul’s) conversion. Acts 9:26-27

Soon after, Paul’s ministry continued to expand and he and Barnabas were more of a peer-to-peer relationship. Acts 12:25, 13:2. Throughout the next few chapters we hear of Paul and Barnabas, Barnabas and Paul together in their ministry. And then we know that while both men were used greatly by God, that Paul’s ministry was unique and stands out from every other Christian witness to have ever lived as God so used him in reaching the lost and in the writing of the many Pauline epistles. Paul’s ministry great eclipses that of Barnabas, but from what we can tell of scripture, it does not seem to be a bother to Barnabas!

Then in chapter 16, Paul takes on Timothy as an apprentice (mentoree) Acts 16:1-5. Timothy was of high regard (1 Tim 1:2, 2 Tim 1:2) and would eventually replace John Mark and become Paul’s right hand man. (Phil 2:19, 1 Cor 4:17). What a wonderful example that we have before us that the mentoree (Paul) goes on to be a peer to Barnabas, Silas, and others; while also being a mentor to Timothy and John Mark. Investing in the next generation that the work of God might not only continue, but prosper.

Example of Dr. Hodges!
Quote: “Every man should seek to have three individuals in his life. You need a Paul. You need a Barnabas. And you need a Timothy. These are three kinds of mentoring relationships that a man desperately needs to pursue: a Paul, an older man who can build into his life; a Barnabas, a peer, a soul brother to whom he can be accountable; and a Timothy, a younger man into whose life he is building.” Iron Sharpens Iron, Howard Hendricks

Prov 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

A “Paul”-does not have to be smarter than you, or even older (although probably). But someone who is mature in his walk and has been down many roads and is willing to share the way with you and invest himself in you.

A “Barnabas”-A fellow brother in the Lord. A peer who may be close to the same age, and similar in his walk with the Lord. Someone who can hold you accountable and can learn and grow together.

A “Timothy”-A younger brother who you can invest yourself into (ministry of multiplication).

Every Godly man, in pursuit of growing in grace and accomplishing all that the Lord would have for him, NEEDS a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.
Eccl 4:12-And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

On Your Own:
In terms of mentoring, identify potential candidates for mentoring relationships, both as a peer, as a mentor, and as the mentoree.
1) Potential Mentor’s (Paul’s):_________________________________

2) Potential Peer’s (Barnabas’):________________________________

3) Potential Mentoree’s (Timothy’s):____________________________

Who Helped You (Mentor)? Who Could Use Your Help (Mentoree)? Who Might Be a Good Peer?
Becoming a more Godly Father
Becoming more of a Godly Husband
Be more faithful in reading the bible
Be more faithful in witnessing to others

Discover and refine spiritual gift(s)
Be more faithful in financial stewardship
Be more faithful w/ a consistent prayer life

A Godly Man and His Friends, part c Memory Verse:
Prov 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.