The master’s authority             Matt. 28:18; John 17:2

The servant’s commission        Matt. 28:19; Mark 15:16

The making of disciples            Matt. 28:19; Acts 14: 21

The baptizing of them              Matt. 28:19; Acts 10:48

Teaching them all things          Matt. 28:20; Acts 14:28

The Promised presence           Matt. 28:20; Acts 11:21



A new attitude toward God, shown forth always by an outward change in the life.

The need                      Matt. 18:37; Acts 3 :19; I Thess. 2:9

The Act                         I Thess. 1: 9; I Peter 2:24; Acts 26:18

The move                    Acts 11:21; Hosea l4:8; Phil.3:8

The hindrances          Acts 28:27; 13:8; John 6:66

The reason why          Isaiah 63:6; Psalm 119:176

How produced            Acts 26:18; Rom. 5

Its manifestation        I Thess 1:10; I Peter 2:25



Love manifested in the gift of Jesus Christ                          1 John 4:9

Love commended at the cross                                                 Rom. 5:8

Love bestowed in one Sonship                                                1 John 3: 1

Love believed by the sinner                                                     1 John 4:16

Love perceived by the saint                                                     1 John 3: 16

Love shed abroad in the spirit                                                  Rom. 6:5

Love Dwelling in the heart                                                       1 John 3:17

It is UNMERITED (not that we Loved God)                         1 John 4:10

It is UNLIMITED for (God so loved the world)                    John 3:16

It is UNDESERVED (God Commendeth His love

toward us that while we were yet sinners)                           Rom. 5:8

It is UNCHANGING (I loved thee with an everlasting love)    Jer. 31.3



The Father’s love (as to the Son)                      John 17: 23

The Son’s love (No greater love)                      John 15:13

The Saint’s love (as Christ’s to them)            John 16:12



God is its source                                                  John 5:26

The risen Christ is its channel                          Heb. 7:16

The Holy Spirit is Its power                             Rom. 8:2

Faith is its receiver                                           John 3:36

fruit is its evidence                                           Rom. 6:22

Christ Himself is its embodiment                 I John 5:20

Glory is its manifestation                                Col. 3: 4

Eternity is its duration                                   John 10:28

Union with Jesus Christ is its meaning       John 6:53-54

Its secret is knowing God and Jesus Christ   John 17: 3



Prayer, faint not in prayer                    Luke 18:1

Perseverance, faint not in confidence  II Cor. 4:1

Preservation, faint not in hope             II Cor. 4:16

Preparation, faint not in work              Gal.. 6:9

Power, faint not in trusting                   Eph. 3:13

Practice, faint not in well doing            II Thess. 3:13

Patience, Faint not under chastening    Heb. 12:5



House of contemplation          Psalm 27:4

House of satisfaction               Psalms 36:8

House or Praise.                       Psalm l35:1-2

House of fellowship.               Psalm 55:14

House of offerings                  Psalm 66:13

House of growth                      Psalm 92:13

House of holiness                    Psalm 93:5

House of testimony                 Psalm 1l6:18-19

House of blessings                   Psalm 118:26

House of Constraint                 Psalm 122: 1, 9



The Word became flesh                      John 1:14; I Tim. 3:16

Partook of flesh and blood                  Heb. 2:14:17; 5:7

Born of a woman                                 Gal.. 4:4; Luke 1;30-35

Took the form of a servant                  Phil. 2:7; Luke 22:27

In the likeness of sinful flesh              Rom. 8:3; I Peter 3:18

The Holy One of God                          Mark 1:24; Acts 3:14

The image of His person                      Heb. 1:2; John 1:18



In Christ we are absolved from all charges      Acts 13:39

In Christ we have bequeathed to us                 Eph. l:6

In Christ we are delivered                                Rom. 8:1

In Christ we are chosen                                     Eph. 1:4

In Christ we have an endowment                    Phil. 4:19

In Christ we are filled                                        Col. 2:9-10

In Christ there is grace                                       2 Tim. 2:1

In Christ there is happiness                              Phil. 3:3

In Christ there is an inheritance                       Eph. 1:11

In Christ there is a justification                       Gal.. 2:16

In Christ there is a Keeping                              Phil 4:7

In Christ there is life                                        Rom. 6:23

In Christ there is sanctification                        1 Cor. 1:2

In Christ there is Nearness                               Eph. 2:13

In Christ there is a oneness                              Gal.. 3:28

In Christ we have a position                            Eph. 2:6

In Christ we have a Redemption                      Rom. 3:24

In Christ we have a salvation                           Rom. 5:10


INCREASING (John 3:30) (59)

Increasing in the knowledge of God                Col. 1:l0

Increasing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ  Matt. 11:29

Increasing in the knowledge of His will          Col. 1:9

Increasing in the knowledge of His love          Eph. 3:19

Increasing in the knowledge of His power       Phil. 3:10

Increasing in the knowledge of His glory         II Cor. 4:6

Increasing in the knowledge of His purpose    John 16:13



Judgement of the sinner, predicted      Heb. 9:27         Eccl.. 11:9;      II Peter 2:2-4    Heb. 10:27

Judgment of the believer, past              John 6:24         Rom. 8:1, 8:23-24                   Gal.. 2:20

Judgement of the servant, future         II Cor. 5:10      Rev. 22:12       Col. 3:24-25    I Cor. 4:1-5

It Fellows Death                                      Heb. 9:27

The day is appointed                             Acts 17:31

The scene described                              Rev. 20:11

Jesus Christ sustained it for His people   Isaiah 53:5

The believer cometh not into it                  John 5:24