Letter to Husbands


                                                             A THOUGHT TO PONDER


Dear Husbands,

God has given you many responsibilities in life, but none as important as your home and family.  God takes the man’s role in the home very seriously and I am sure you will have the same desire as God for your home.

You are the divinely appointed leader in your home and to a great degree, you determine whether your home will be happy or not. You are the spiritual leader in the home. Your wife can not assume that responsibility with any degree of effectiveness and neither can your children.

As the spiritual leader in your home, you are responsibile for the spiritual development of each member of the family.  You are to learn the truths of God’s Word, experience them in your life, and then teach them to your family by precept and example.  You may be a good man, a moral man, and a good provider of material things, but that does not relieve you of the responsibility to be the spiritual leader of your home.

Another responsibility God places at your doorstep involves loving your wife.  Ephesians 5:25 instructs husbands, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for it.”  Jesus’ love for the church is epitomized by sacrifice.  This kind of love is an attitude and not just a feeling.  It is an attitude of giving rather than receiving.  The feeling so often associated with love comes from God as you give yourself sacrificially.  To be able to love your wife like this, you must know her needs.  Think about some general needs of a wife:


She needs spiritual leadership.

If she doesn’t receive leadership from you, she will seek it from some other source and place a strain on your bond of unity.


She needs security.

She must know that you are with her and back her in the running of the home.  It is not her responsibility, but yours and hers together.

She needs attention.

She wants you to express yourself to her and she would like to express herself to you.  This communication will be disrupted if she senses you are not interested.

She needs encouragement.

She wants to know that you are as pleased with her now as when you were first married.  Don’t treat her as just another fixture around the house.  Do not criticize her in the                presence of other people.

This kind of love: Is sacrificial, It is costly, It requires time, effort and above all, desire

However, the rewards and benefits to your home far outweigh any effort you may go to.  God wants to make your home a role model.  May your home be a picture of heaven on earth.  It you want what God wants for your home, cooperate with Him and He will provide.