The Womb

What’s in that Womb? As per the Scriptures (KJB)

Isaac-Genesis 17:19-21

In Rom 4:19, Sarah’s womb was dead

Only God can raise the dead


Esau and Jacob-Genesis 25:20-26

Two nations

Two manner of people


Samson-Judges 13:1-5

His mother was commanded to abstain from certain things in order not to defile SAMSON’s call or separation

Drinking booze while pregnant is the biggest cause of birth defects

Crack babies; heroin babies; smokers’ babies; fetal Alcohol syndrome, etc.


Josiah-1 Kings 13:2

Named 300 years before his actual birth

Offer the priest on the altar

Burn incense upon it

Burn the bones of men there

All three fulfilled in 2 Kings 23:15-20

At 8 yrs old, he began to reign.

He spends 18 yrs purging the house of Judah

Judah has greatest revival of their 350 yr history


Jeremiah: Jeremiah 1:4-7, Acts 2:29-30, Hebrews 7:5-10

John the Baptist-Luke 1:5-17

Jesus Christ-Matthew 1:20

Paul the Apostle-Galatians 1:15