Jesus and Me(Conclusion)

We have completed a look at II Corinthians chapter 5, in the light of JESUS and ME. As Born-Again Christians, we realize there are four (4) SHIPS involved in this lesson; relation-SHIP, companion-SHIP, fellow-SHIP, and friend-SHIP. We also realize the most important SHIP is relation-SHIP.

When a relationship is started then responsibilities come with it. We have looked at what I call a “DIVINE” (God related) relationship, companionship, fellowship, and friendship. Let me state that there is also a “WORLDLY” (Man related) relationship, companionship, and friendship.

What is the difference between worldly and divine relationships? Well we have discussed eight (8) points concerning the God related relationship. (JESUS and ME) What we Christians need to remember is that all these SHIPS required walking with God.

The 4 worldly SHIPS are not God related and therefore are not what I call DIVINE. These are guided by the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and the prided of life, which are of the world and not of the Father (God). That is why I call them worldly.

Let us look at how they operate. Divine Relationship verses Worldly Relationship.

 Can I say that mankind is the greatest marvel in the universe?
Not because their heartbeats 40,000,000 times a year, driving the blood stream a distance of over 60,000 miles in that time. Not because of the wonderful mechanism of the eyes.

Not because of his conquest over diseases.
Not because of the lengthening of human life.
Not because of the unique qualities of his mind.

There are probably many times in our life that we have wounded our relationship or companionship, fellowship, or friendship, with  our Spouse—Children—Brothers—Sisters—Church—family—Workers, etc. Sometimes we cannot mend these wounds. Most of these wounds are from our attitude.  Such as, pride doubt, anger, worry, fear, un-forgiveness, lust, flesh, and other sinful actions.

We can pay a mighty big price for these 4 SHIPS we destroy or damage. Sometimes the price is carried to the next generations. It takes an attitude of sorrow and repentance to renew any wounded relationship, whether with your companion or friend, in this world, if it can be healed at all?  Painful as it may be we might not be able to mend any or all of these SHIPS. Worldly relationships change on a regularly basis, mostly from bad to worst.

There is probably many times in our life that we have wounded, as a born-again Christian, our companionship, friendship,
and fellowship, with our Lord, Saviour, God, and Bridegroom JESUS CHRIST.  This wound is called SIN. And because of our sinful decisions we will enter into the world’s way of living and thinking which means we have turned to sinful attitudes, such as, pride doubt, anger, worry, fear, un-forgiveness, and sinful actions, etc. I say this starts with stink’in think’in.

This will cause us to think we have lost our Salvation (Relationship with God), but let us thank God for his promises in the Word of God (BIBLE) where he says our relationship is Secure/Save/Sealed. Read the following Scriptures for assurance. Hebrews 13:5, John 3:36, I John 5:11-13.

When we honestly confess our sin/s to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (I John 1:9) But, remember God will not be mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
(God heals, forgives, cleanses, and restores companionship, friendship, and fellowship in our daily walk with him. Our  Relationship with Him is not nor never will be affected)

Let me state again, the difference in this divine Relationship is the relationship is not affected. WHY? Because god stated in Hebrews 13:5 and other verses that He will not and cannot leave you nor forsake you. (God is faithful in His promises)

What will be restored are our companionship, friendship, and fellowship. So then when you sin against Him you hurt yourself, and when He is pleased with you, you will be pleased with yourself.

Strong’s Concordance Definitions:
Companionship— “partaker and partner”
Friendship—“brother, close, companion, friend, neighbor, etc”
Fellowship—“Partnership, communicate, communion, etc”

So in reviewing the series of Jesus and Me, you will see that companionship, friendship, and fellowship intertwine in the Christian’s life and we can become loyal servants in all our actions because it is Jesus and me . The World cannot accomplish this.

Here are some Scriptures to Read concerning these 4 “DIVINE” ships.
1) Philippians 2:25 companion, fellows solider     2) Colossians 4:11 fellow workers
3) I John 1:3, 6-7 friendship                                      4) Romans 16:7 fellow prisoners
5) John 15:14 friendship                                            6) Hebrews 10:31-33 companions

As we surrender to God and truly partner up with Him in all ways, our Lord will give you a peace that passeth all understanding, and joy unspeakable and full of glory, then you will enjoy your companionship, friendship, and fellowship with Jesus Christ. Then it will be Jesus and Me in worshipping him, working for him, walking with him, witnessing for him, and wrestling against evil with him and for him.
Remember always, it’s not me and Jesus, but JESUS AND ME.