IN ME (91)

Manifold evidence in the life of Paul that Jesus Christ lived in him (note especially “in me”)

Salvation by Him, “Revealed His Son in me”                  Gal. 1:16

Shining for Him, “they glorified God in me”                   Gal. 1:24

Sanctification by Him, “seen in me”                                 Phil. 4:9; I Tim. 1:16

Service with Him, “Christ speaking in me”                     II Cor. 13:3

Settled confidence in Him, “Truth of Christ is in me”   II Cor. 11:10

Suffering for Him, “Conflict in me”                                  Phil. 1:30

Holy Spirit manifested, “Mighty in me”                         Gal. 2:8; Col. 1:29



The place of blessing                           Deut. 33:3

The place of chastisement                  II Sam. 24:14

The place of creation                           Job 10:8

The place of life                                    Job 12:10

The place of keeping                           Psalm. 31:15

The place of supply                             Psalm 104:28

The place of disposal                           Prov. 21:1

The place of hiding and usefulness  Isa. 49:2

The place of security                          John 10:28-29



In creation                   Gen. 1:1; John 1:4; Job 26:13

In Incarnations             John 3;16; Heb. 10:5; Luke 1:35

In redemption              Heb. 9:14; I Peter 3:18; Gal. 2;20

In salvation                  Luke 15:4, 8, 22; Eph. 1:4, 7, 13

In communion             Eph. 2;18; Rom. 8:27; II Cor. 13:14

In glory                        Rev. 1:4-5; Phil. 3:21; Jude 23



Election of the Saints   Eph. 1:3

Giver of the Son          John 3:16

Author of incarnation  Gal. 4:4

Anointing for service   Acts 10:38

Bruising in death          Isa. 53:6-11

Active in resurrection  Rom. 6:4

Sealer of salvation       II Cor. 1:21-22


God and Father to Jesus Christ———-John 20:17; I Peter 1:3; Eph. 3:14

God and Father to Christians————-Eph. 1:17; 4:6; Gal. 4:6

In these two great relationships does God stand to Jesus Christ, and to us, and such are the names by which saints should address Him.



In the eternal past                    John 1;30; 8:58; 17:5

As given to the world               John 3:16; Rom. 8:3

As born of the virgin               Luke 1;35; John 1;14

As owned of the Father          Matt. 3;17; Luke 9:35

As confessed by men              Matt. 16:16; Acts 9:20

In Gethsemane betrayed      Matt. 26:36; Mark 14:32

At Gabbatha delivered          John 19:13; Mark 15:1

On Golgotha crucified           John 19:17; Matt. 27:33

As raised from the dead       Rom. 1:4; Heb. 1:1



In Heaven for His Saints:

As their Shepherd, guiding them                                  Heb. 13:20

As their High Priest, ministering to them                   Heb. 2;17; 4:14

As their advocate, interceding for them                       I John 2:2

As their Lord, ruling over them                                    Acts 2:36; Rev. 19:16



Incorruptible God                    Rom. 1:23; I Tim. 1:17

Incorruptible Blood                 I Peter 1:18-19

Incorruptible Word                  I Peter 1:23

Incorruptible Inheritance         I Peter 1:4

Incorruptible Apparel              I Peter 3:4; Titus 2:7; Eph. 6:24

Incorruptible Crown                I Cor. 9:25

Incorruptible Body                  I Cor. 15:52



 Jesus Christ was the center of attraction, as well as occupying a central position.  It is of interest to mark how often we read of Jesus Christ being in the midst.

As the center of attraction        Mark 18:20

As the questioner                     Luke 2:46

As the Servant                         Luke 22:27

As the living One                     Luke 24:36

As the unknown One               John 1:26

As the suffer                            John 19:18

As the peace-giver                   John 20:19

As the reveler                          John 20:26-27

As the inspirer                         Heb. 2:12

As the glorified One                Rev. 1:13

As the searcher                        Rev. 2:1

As the Lamb                            Rev. 5:6

As the Supplier                       Rev. 7:17


IN HIM (99)

Faith in Him                 Col. 2:5

Redemption in Him     Eph. 1:7

Accepted in Him          Eph. 1:6

Rooted in Him              Col. 2:7

Complete in Him         Col. 2:10

Built up in Him            Col. 2:7

Walking in Him            Col. 2:6



The Word received gives life                                       John 5:24

The Word entering gives light                                      Psalms 119:108

The truth known gives liberty                                      John 8:32

Life in and from Jesus Christ by faith                         John 1:4; 3:36

Life from Jesus Christ through the Word                  John 8:12; Psalms 119:11

Liberty in Jesus Christ, in us by the Holy Spirit      John 8:36; Gal. 5:1; II Cor. 3:17


Our enlightenment, light in us              II Cor. 4:6

Our environment, We into light            I Peter 2:9

Our employment, Walk in light             Eph. 5:8

Our equipment, Armour of light           Rom. 13:12