A Note to the Reader–1



Part 1: Understanding Standards–7

What Are Standards?–7

Why Do We Need standards?–9

Who Sets Standards?–21

Why Should We Have A Holy Standard?–23

Part 2: Standards in the Church–25

Why Have Standards in the Church for Leaders, Workers, and Members?–25

Biblical Standards for Christian Leaders–31

Part 3: Biblical Standards for Christian Living–33

Biblical Reasons…

  1. Study the Bible–33
  2. Pray–34
  3. Fast–35
  4. Faithfully Attend Church–37
  5. Worship God–38
  6. Be an Effective Witness–38
  7. Show Yourself Friendly to Sinners–38
  8. Love with All Your Heart–39
  9. Love Your Neighbor as Yourself–39
  10. Forgive One Another–40
  11. Obey the Pastor of the Church–40
  12. Support God’s Financial Plan of Tithes and Offerings–41
  13. Obey the Laws of the Lord–42
  14. Obey One’s Employer–43
  15. Husbands—Love Their Wives as Christ Loved the Church–43
  16. Wives—Obey Their Husbands–43
  17. Parents—Train up Their Children in the Right Way–44
  18. Children—Respect, Honor, and Obey Their Parents–45
  19. Do Not Gossip–45
  20. Refrain from Obscenity, Filthy Jokes, and Suggestive Statements–45
  21. Do Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain–46
  22. Control Your Temper–46
  23. Be Temperate in All Things–47
  24. Be Diligent in Business and Church Matters–47
  25. Pay All Your Honest Debts and Dishonest Debts–47
  26. Do Not Lie, Cheat, Gamble, or Steal–48
  1. Do Not Overeat or to Be a Glutton–48
  2. Abstain from Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, etc.–49
  3. Do Not Participate in Riots, Violence, or Street Gangs–50
  4. Do Not Commit Murder–50
  5. Do Not Be a Member of a Secret Club, Secret Organization, Etc.–50
  6. Do Not Participate in the Occult or Witchcraft–52
  7. Do Not Worship Idols–53
  8. Do Not Read Sinful Books or Magazines–53
  9. Do Not Look at Pornography–54
  10. Do Not Have a Television–54
  11. Do Not Listen to Rock, Country and Western Music, or Music Which—

Suggests Sex, Rebellion, Drugs, Alcohol, or the Occult         –57

  1. Singles—Conduct Themselves as Christians When Dating–57
  2. Do Not Engage in Sexual Relationships without the Sanctity of Marriage–60
  3. Do Not Commit Abortion–61
  4. Date and to Marry a Christian Of Like Faith and Experience–62
  5. Do Not Engage in Incest, Homosexuality, Beastiality, etc.–63
  6. Do Not Participate in Worldly Amusements–64
  7. Do Not Go Dancing, Mixed Bathing, Etc.–65
  8. Men—Cut Their Hair Short–67
  9. Women—Not to Cut Their Hair–67
  10. Not to Dye Your Hair–68
  11. Not to Wear Clothing That Pertains to the Opposite Sex–68
  12. Biblical Principles for Women–69