Fatherly Advise


Proverbs chapter 4


This chapter is filled with small tidbits of instruction from a father to his son. The qualifications of the father to teach were given in verses 1-4.  They are basically that he can teach his son because he, himself, was taught by a right and wise father..

Learning what to do is KNOWLEDGE.

Knowing what to do is UNDERSTANDING.

Doing what you know is WISDOM



  1. Key verse 7
  2. Wisdom is the most important and best thing to get
  3. Along with wisdom, be sure to get understanding


  1. Detailed Benefits
  2. Preservations, verse 6—From folly & from harm and danger
  3. Promotion, verse 8
  4. Careful attention to wisdom will result in you becoming the kind of man who can be promoted
  5. Wisdom acted upon brings one to a place of honor
  6. Prosperity, verse 9
  7. A crown of grace for your head
  8. A crown of glory on your life


HEAR & HEED MY SAYINGS: (Verses 10-13; 20-22)

  1. Key verse 13
  2. Grasp instruction in a way that it will not escape.
  3. Keep hold on her, for she is crucial to life.
  4. Benefits
  5. The years of your life shall be many (verse 10)
  6. You will avoid the errors that could cost you your life from illness or injury.
  7. you will avoid things for which God might have to chasten you.
  8. Your pathway will be unimpeded (verse 12)
  9. No hindrance in the pathway of life.
  10. even haste shall not be hindered.
  11. Background

The one teaching urges this, because he is sure his teaching is correct (v. 11)

  1. Ramification (vs. 20-22)
  2. Listen (v 20)—Heed (v. 21)—Benefit (v. 22)



  1. Commandment (Vs. 14-15)
  2. Stay away from the wicked and the path they walk.
  3. A strong statement in four-fold prohibition


  1. Caution (Vs. 16-17)
  2. They find no rest unless they have done something to someone.
  3. Even their bread and wine (the regular course of their lives) is tainted with violence.
  4. Contrast (Vs. 18-19)
  5. The path of the just grows brighter until it reaches the perfect day. (V. 18)
  6. The way of the wicked is dark, becomes darker, and leads to an ultimate fall (V. 19)



  1. Keep thy heart (V. 23)
  2. Be diligent with thine heart
  3. The issues of life come out of your heart


  1. Keep thy lips (V. 24)
  2. Put away a crooked (double talking) mouth
  3. Put perverse (perverted) lips far from thee


  1. Keep thy eyes (V. 25)
  2. Let them look straight before thee.
  3. Make them refrain from looking at what they should not see


  1. Keep thy feet (Vs. 26-27)
  2. Consider the places you allow your feet to go.
  3. Make sure all your ways are thought out.
  4. Do not turn aside from the proper path.
  5. Keep out of the ways of evil.



Fatherly advice is offered in the interest of helping you. This is a tremendously, helpful chapter filled with the most practical wisdom. A wise son will heed the instructions of a wise father