DOCTRINE OF THE LAST THINGS (Eschatology)                     



Eschatology means the theology of last things. Theology is the discovery, systematizing, and presentation of the truths of God.  In this lesson we will present such doctrines as the Intermediate state of man, Resurrection of the body, Israel’s future, Judgment seat of Jesus Christ and rewards, Great White Throne, Heaven, and Hell.


Intermediate state.

In the intermediate state, while waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to return for His children, we born-again believers can say that our Saviour, Companion, Friend, and Comforter is Jesus Christ.  And Jesus said “I will never leave you nor forsake you” So in reality what Jesus is saying is that we are a team, it is JESUS & ME.  Let me show you eight (8) things in II Cor. Chapter 5 that we can say its Jesus and me that’s involved.


Verse 1              MY HOUSE, the occupants are Jesus and me

Verse 2             MY CLOTHES, I am dressed in His righteousness, its Jesus and me

Verse 7             MY WALK, its Jesus and me together

Verse 10          MY APPEARANCE, it will be Jesus and me only

Verse 17          MY CHANGE, its no more Satan and me, its Jesus and me

Verse 18          MY MINISTRY, reconciliation, its Jesus and me

Verse 20          MY TITLE, Ambassador, its Jesus and me

Verse 21          MY SAVIOUR, its Jesus and me

This is my intermediate state as a child of God. I will always have Jesus Christ with me, no matter where I am. May we never forget that.


Resurrection of the body.

I Cor. Chapter 15

1st Christ must die for our sin according to the Scriptures, Verse 3

2nd Christ must be buried, Verse 4

3rd Christ must rise on the 3rd day according to the Scriptures, Verse 4

4th Christ has arisen and is the first fruits of them that slept, Verse 20

5th All mankind dies, but in Christ shall all be made alive, Verse 22


Israel’s future.

Romans chapter 11    The question, verse 1   The answer, verse 2


Judgement seat of Christ and rewards.

Three principle passages recount the fact and details of this judgement and rewards.

I Cor. 3:8-15

Our rewards, Our partner, and our body is God’s.  Our foundation is Jesus Christ, Our tests, Our  works, good or bad are His to Judge, Our eternal security is in Him.

II Cor. 5:9-10 We must all appear before the Judgement seat of Christ.

Romans 14:10 We shall all stand before the Judgement seat of Christ.


Great White Throne.

Rev. 20:11-15 Throne, Judge, Dead people, Books, The Book, Hell, Lake of fire.

I Cor. 15:26    The last thing to be destroyed is death.



Rev. chapter 21          New heaven, New city, New things.

II Peter 3:10, 13         New heaven and earth.

Isaiah 65:17                New heaven and earth.



Mark 9:43-48

Where their worm dieth not (4 things that do not die out in Hell. Memory, Worms, Souls, and Fire)

Luke 16:19-31

Verse 23

The first thing the rich man in Hell did was “look up”

He was in torments (felt pain, mental and physical)

He could see Abraham

Verse 24

He could cry

He was thirsty

He was tormented by flames

Verse 25———He could remember all he did wrong, what a torment

Verse 26———There can be no help

Verse 27———Prayer in Hell

Verse 30———Preaching in Hell


A thought to ponder:

The last place you want to miss out on is HEAVEN, and the last place you want to go is HELL.  Eternity Is forever and is the last thing) awaits at both places.

HEAVEN is a place to be had and HELL is a place to shun.