VERSES: 1-52

INTRODUCTION: There is something special about the word special.  The Hebrew definition is Jewel, Good , or Proper.  The Greek definition is Worthy, Delight or Extraordinary.  Webster’s def. is unusual, uncommon, exceptional, differing from others.

Luke Chapter 2  is a special chapter, in it I have found 31 special persons, events, and or places.  Let us look at this chapter an see why this chapter as a whole can be and is special to us.  As the majority of the world celebrates this time of the year (Christmas) for one reason or the other, let us (Washed in the Blood of Jesus, Born-Again, and followers of Him ) focus on this special account as it unfolds in these 52 verses . The Bible says in chapter 2 there was:

V. 1 Special Decree (Tax)
V. 2-3 Special Tax/Enrollment
V. 4 Special City (Bethlehem)
V. 5 Special Women—Special Wife—Special Womb
V. 7 Special Son (Jesus Christ, Immanuel)
V. 7 Special Clothes (Swaddling)
V. 7 Special Manger
V. 8 Special Shepherds (abiding and watching)
V. 9 Special Light (God’s glory)
V. 10 Special Angel
V. 10 Special Announcement (Good news, Joy, for everybody)
V. 11 Special Birth—Special Day—Special City—Special Person—Special Title
V. 12 Special Sign (Christ, Clothes, Crib)
V. 13 Special Host (Angles)
V. 14 Special Peace (glory to God)
V. 15 Special Departure (Angles left) Special Decision (Shepherds said let us go to Bethlehem)
V. 16 Special Family (Mary, Joseph, Baby)
V. 17 Special Men with a Special Message (Shepherds made know about the Baby Jesus)
V. 18 Special Crowd (Do you remember when you heard the good news?)
V. 19 Special Heart (Mary Pondered in her heart)
V. 20 Special Personal Witness (Shepherds came glorifying and praising God)
V. 21 Special Name (his name was called Jesus)
V. 22 Special Offering (Jesus is presented to the LORD)
V. 30 Special Look—Special Sight (I saw) 9My eyes have seen thy Salvation)
V. 34 Special fall (Calvary)—Special Rising (Resurrection)
V. 40 Special Growth—Special Wisdom—Special Protection
V. 41 Special Feast (Passover, Our Easter)
V. 46 Special Priest—Special Teacher
V. 49 Special Business (I must be about my Father’s Business)
V. 51 Special Obedience (obeyed his parents)
V. 52 Special Relationship with God and Man

There is another special Day & Announcement  Heb 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”  There is a special day of death.

There was a special day for 2 persons Luke 16:22-24:
1) Good day for Lazarus, he went to Heaven. (With God)
2) Bad day for the rich man he went to Hell. (Separated from God)

Today is a special day for you, you can either:
1) Be Born-again today and secure a heavenly place for eternity
2) Die today without Jesus Christ and go to a hellish place called the Lake of Fire
3) Rededicate your life to God and make him special.
4) Praise Him today and every day because He is someone Special
                        CHRIST OR CHRISTLESS
                           HEAVEN OR HELL?